About Us

We are here to demystify and guide oil customers as to how decarbonisation and Net Zero affects them.

To scope or facilitate the change to Net Zero a plan is needed.

Those of us using oil to heat our homes and businesses, or for transport and power generation are facing a huge change, a journey from fossil fuels to low carbon energy.

Greenarc Energy is part of a group of energy companies that have been selling fuels and oil services all over the UK for more than a decade. So, the shift away from fossil fuels is probably as fundamental to our business as it is for any of our UK oil customers.

Beginning several years ago and working with the energy industry, the many new and upcoming technology providers and government policy advisors, we have built up a level of knowledge that we hope to share with our customers and anyone else who is facing the same journey.

We are committed to making the transition away from fossil fuels

To really build our own expertise and skill base, we are committed to making the transition away from fossil fuels well in advance of when most of our customers will be considering it. This puts us in a good position to support and guide your journey.

We are well down the path of the transition, both in our businesses, but also in our own oil-heated homes and we have lots of lessons to share with anyone who is looking at the challenges faced in moving from fossil-based fuels to a range of alternatives.

We have looked at some easy energy efficiency improvements, and some more tricky ones, we have trialled and tested new liquid biofuels, but also installed some solid biofuel boilers.

We have researched and implemented Carbon Offsetting. 

We have installed solar PV panels and our first heat pump was recently commissioned into service.

We have tested Hybrid and fully electric vehicles in our fleet and we are looking at the technology around EV charging.

We still have some way to go, but undertaking the journey for real has provided insights and experiences that would otherwise simply not be possible.

Your Journey to Net Zero

At Greenarc Energy we don’t only help you understand what is the best route to Net Zero for you and your home or business, we also help you on every step of the journey. Be it understanding the politics, the right technologies for you and facilitating the work to get you to where you want to be.

Start your journey

Our videos

If you use oil for heating, for transport or for power generation in your home or business, you may now be aware that a huge change is coming as we move from fossil fuels to low carbon alternatives.

We are here to help you understand what these changes will mean for you, your families and your business – we’re also here to help you on your individual journey to net zero and carbon neutrality, both to help you build a plan and to support you through the process.

From understanding the basics of how to reduce your carbon usage, to the detailed technology options that are, and will become available, we have pulled together a huge amount of information for you to watch and read – all tailored towards you a current oil and fuel purchasing customer.

Welcome to a brave new world, watch the videos here to find out how you can begin your journey to Net Zero.

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