HVO Fuel

At Greenarc Energy we offer a drop-in replacement for diesel which is renewable, has a clean burn and a shelf life of 10 years! By switching to GreenD+ HVO you will eliminate up to 90% of your carbon emissions.

HVO - Fuel For A Cleaner Future

We work in partnership with the largest importer of HVO, and stockist in the UK, with 4 terminal storage facilities and regional distribution hubs storing between 5-25 million litres of stock.

GreenD+ is a HVO paraffinic EN15940 fuel enhanced with a proprietary organic additive that produces the lowest emission advanced fuel available in the market.

Green D+ HVO fuel is one of the cleanest fuels on the market. It’s a second-generation, synthetic, advanced renewable diesel alternative that eliminates up to 90% of net CO2 and significantly reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions.

As a paraffinic, renewable fuel, GreenD+ HVO can be used as a drop-in alternative to fossil diesel, it’s cleaner, its FAME free and complies with EN15940 & ASTM D97 5. There’s no need to modify existing infrastructure – you can simply top up and go.

GreenD+ is fully certified and auditable.

1 Diesel vehicle has the same CO2 emissions as 10 GreenD+ vehicles

The benefits of GreenD+ HVO

Green D+ generates up to 90% less greenhouse gases (CO2e) and emissions, reducing your carbon footprint significantly.

HVO is a direct replacement (drop-in) of fuel for all red diesel powered engines. These OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) have already approved HVO to use in heavy-duty road vehicles, passenger cars and non-road vehicles

  • No FAME content
  • Reduces AdBlue consumption by 20%
  • No sulphur
  • Longer service intervals
  • Manufactured from sustainable, renewable feed-stocks
  • Drop-in replacement means no conversion or setup cost
  • Meets EN15940 standard, ASTM D975, JIS No 2 = OEM Approvals
  • Higher cetane number (70+) than diesel making it more efficient to burn
  • Doesn’t cause smoke from the exhaust on start-up or change of load
  • Offers improved safety, shelf life and storage compared to diesel
  • Odourless, biodegradable and nontoxic Produces noticeable noise reduction from engines.
  • Excellent cold weather performance down to -35°C

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